KineMaster Diamond APK (MOD) Download For Android, 2024

Video Editing picks all our creative animals outside and makes us express the artistic storytelling capabilities. There is simple footage and you’re supposed to make it sound. If you think it’s that simple, then understand that the sky’s the limit in terms of creativity and that’s why every day a new filter and video editing tool is being launched on the internet. By tools, I remembered the theme of this blog, based on a beautiful mod of KineMaster, KineMaster Diamond APK.

If you got redirected here from the official homepage, you must have seen the KineMaster MOD APK or the app with the pro version already unlocked. Yeah, that’s legit, and more than millions of our users are daily creating the best edits with all those free tools that were once paid in the official application. KineMaster Diamond is a little different from that official modification, and the most important part of this app is its user interface.

Using the name Diamond, it’ll make you feel the vibe that you’re actually using a diamond rich privileged app interface with the same convenience, features, unlocked pro, but more aesthetic view. We already told you before on the homepage that this view makes your mind more creative, and that’s why KineMaster Diamond is also our recommendation for all the new-gen video editors trying to grasp the expressive technology and create the artistic designs.

What is KineMaster Diamond APK?

KineMaster is an Android app ranked at the top of the video editor genre on Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store. Still, tremendous people were so concerned about its paid premium membership program, which charges a huge monthly and annual payment to let you edit videos without ads. There are a few more options that make this membership plan so loving, but none of us are actually in the mood to pay for all such apps.

KineMaster Diamond APK Download

If you want to give it a try, or even when you are going to use it all the time, KineMaster Diamond APK is a free modified version of the app that includes the freely enabled pro subscription. It simply means that after accessing this app version on your smartphone, you can also remove all those advertisements and employ the visual effects, time manipulation, seamless transitions, music integration, and many such powerful features.

Soon afterward, video editing which was a lot of complex for you would become superficial from all the ways. You will have a user interface which is filled with diamonds having an aesthetic look, and all the tools placed in the same direction as official and KineMaster MOD APK. Still, there are a few differences to see in the KineMaster official app and the Diamond version, and that’s what made us list them below most importantly.

Difference between KineMaster Pro and KineMaster Diamond APK

KineMaster is the official video editing app that you can get on the Google Play Store and download for using professional tools. On the sideways, KineMaster Diamond APK is a modified version of the same app which is more privileged and sounds beneficial in all the aspects as listed below –

                AspectsKineMaster PremiumKineMaster Diamond APK
PricingAnnual and Monthly plans up to 575.00 INR/MonthUnlocked Premium features for absolutely free.
AdvertisementsFull of Ads without paymentNo Advertisements at all
Google Play Store (Availability)Available on Google Play StoreUnavailable on Google Play Store
User InterfacePlain as OfficialDiamond Interface

These were all the differences between KineMaster Premium paid subscription plan and the free KineMaster Diamond APK. We think there is no room for asking who’s the winner, isn’t that true? Still concerned, let’s go through the next section and understand Diamond features.


Diamond Interface


You cannot realize how impatient we were before telling you about this most exclusive user interface improvement in the Diamond version of KineMaster, Diamond Interface. Unlike the old dark and black app interface, this version delivers a gentle blue Diamond interface that’ll seduce the creativity inside you. Furthermore, this bright interface will also help you control most of the features conveniently, contrasting the old darker one.  

No Watermark

watermark 1

Generally, companies add watermarks to videos for making them more ethical and legal, but KineMaster does that for advertising its brand. If you’re posting a video with its advertisement, it simply means that you’re advertising this video editor app, not posting for an impact in your profile. So let’s take a step to KineMaster Diamond APK which allows you to remove watermark from the edits without paying them any membership cost.

No Ads

targeted marketing

There are many different types of video editors, some are professionals with a client’s workflow, some want to be creative and show off their skills on social media, whereas a few of them just do that for fun. Whatever is your reason to get in the video editing journey, but you shouldn’t be stuck in the creativity killer advertisements? Online ads interrupt us while using tools, but it won’t be a concern with the KineMaster Diamond for being an ad-free mod version.

Keyframe Animation

filter 1

Keyframe Animation is for those who want a new-gen feature to automate and simplify the video editing process. Once you upload a complete project to the app, the Keyframe animation option lets you choose a single or multiple parts of that video when you want to focus more deeply on an object. In case if you are creating a video for a product, but you have just a scratch video, make a swirling edit with Keyframe animation focus for a few seconds. Try it with your own creativity!

Pro Tools Unlocked


KineMaster Pro is a paid membership that costs because of monthly and annual time frame. You can get subscribed to it by paying real money, or try the free KineMaster Diamond APK that consists of all the already unlocked pro tools inside. There is no need for any payment, Play Store bypassing, or any other procedure to get these tools unlocked, as they are already scripted in the mod interface. No additional struggle would be required.

Unlocked Assets Store


Besides those paid and professional video editing tools, there is a huge asset store that contains a library of graphics, media files, stickers, audio tracks, filters, and music effects. This library asks for online ads in the official app, and mostly it doesn’t get unlocked that easily. But the KineMaster Diamond APK already consists of all of them, unlocked for absolutely free. Moreover, it’s a diamond store which contains even more creative assets than the official one.

UHD Exporting

hd 1

UHD is the abbreviation for UltraHD or 4K, which is currently the biggest resolution for the Android smartphones and most of the technological devices. Fortunately, this modified video editor application lets you export all your edited videos to the UHD resolution. Now this doesn’t mean that it’s the only option you get while exporting an edited video, but there are many of them, like 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 2160p to be chosen as per the taste.

Chroma Key Effect


Chroma Key Effect is the green screen effect that the professional moviemakers and video editors use on their video streams for editing the background later. If you want to use this feature, first you need a video with a green screen or a green cloth behind you, as background removal becomes so instantaneous when there is just one color apart from your body. Afterward, you can use this feature to overlay the background in various ways showing off your skills.

Download KineMaster Diamond APK for Android

At my university, Video Editors were called the coolest persons in the whole group as they were damn creative with their overview for having such blissful thinking. They are capable of transforming just a scratch video that’s been recorded by an old-age camera to a most professional visual effects and motion graphics containing edit. That’s just a piece of cake for the KineMaster Diamond users for having all the unlocked premium tools and features.

Today, you can download the latest version of this KineMaster Diamond APK that contains the newest options such as transparent background, AI resolution enhancer, Super Resolution, Searchable Pixels stock videos, Favorite list for assets, and an option to delete bulk projects. Every new feature is covered in the latest version of the app and even in the future we’ll walk hand in hand with you, as whenever you require an update, you can get to this same page.

kinemaster diamond 150x150 1
 NameKinemaster Diamond
 Updated01 Days Ago
 Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
 Last versionv7.3.6.31625.GP
 Size56 MB
 MOD infoWithout watermark
 CategoryVideo Players & Editors
 DeveloperKineMaster Corporation

Bookmark this page for first and finally download this Diamond version of KineMaster from the above download link. It doesn’t go like that every time for you as default we use Play Store to download and install apps, so you can use the below steps to simplify downloading –

1. Click the above download link mentioned KineMaster Diamond APK.

2. You will now get directed to the official download page of the app.

3. Click the Download button on that download page.

4. Allow access to the Files if asked in the next prompt window.

5. Hit the Download button for the APK file and wait until it gets downloaded.

It’s not a big app with gigabytes of data, so it won’t take long. Just a few moments and you can start the installation of KineMaster MOD APK using the below sectioned procedure.

How to install?

We know that you have cleared the final process of downloading and making the file all yours. But the major part is still missing which is the installation, and the APK file can only be installed manually with a traditional procedure. If you know it already, go forth on it, and otherwise watch all the below steps and go through them properly for installing KineMaster Diamond APK –

1. Click the above download link and download the APK file to your device.

2. Thereafter, you need to open the File Manager or Google Files app.

3. When you’re on Internal Storage, find KineMaster Diamond APK in the Downloads folder.

4. Once you get it in front of your eye, click on it and wait for the next prompt window.

unknown sources

5. Click and enable Allow from this source toggle for the File Manager app if asked.

6. Get back to the File Manager and click the Install button for the app.

7. Wait for a few moments until you see a Success message for installation.

It’s the time when you have completed the final pillar of procedure, and it simply means that you are ready to relish the diamond interface of KineMaster which was never seen before. It’s neither in the official paid premium plan, nor inside the modified version that we listed on the homepage.


Is KineMaster Diamond APK any different from KineMaster MOD APK?

KineMaster Diamond APK is absolutely a different modification from the KineMaster MOD APK. But the difference isn’t that vast or diverse. Both of them include the free premium subscription attached, but the only difference you’ll see is the Diamond interface in the KineMaster Diamond APK, whereas the same official interface in another one.

Can I use Chrome Key effect in KineMaster Diamond APK?

Chroma Key Effect is a free option to be used in the Diamond version, and you just need a video with green screen to use it properly. Once you have that video, you can overlay backgrounds and employ tremendous effects to make that video look supernatural.

How to remove watermarks from KineMaster edited videos?

Removing watermark is a premium part of KineMaster, and it must necessitate you to purchase a membership if you’re using the official app. The next simple measure of removing watermarks for free is through the modified version, i.e., KineMaster Diamond APK. Try it today!

Which is the best video editing smartphone app to use in 2023?

There are so many videos editing apps developed for Android smartphones, but the top-ranked one is KineMaster Video Editor. It’s a privileged app, but again it contains a premium subscription, which is a bit costly. Besides, you can use a mod replica of this app, i.e., KineMaster Diamond APK, which is free from ads and includes unlocked premium membership.

Is KineMaster Diamond APK legit?

Yeah, KineMaster Diamond APK is safe and legit to use on Android smartphones. It doesn’t even require you to get through any non-recommended measures, such as rooting an android phone. Install it on your device and enjoy the best video editing features with zero concerns.

Final Verdict

After KineMaster MOD APK, KineMaster Diamond APK is the only mod which can take the part among the best video editing software of 2023. We are glad to tell you that it’s a free app and allows you to enjoy the premium privileges which sound damn costly in the official app for absolutely free. There is way more to know about this app, but for that, we recommend you to have a personal experience. Download KineMaster Diamond APK right now.