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KineMaster is a powerful video editor with a music application for Android devices. Download the latest version of KineMaster MOD APK from this site, and enjoy Watermark for free with all premium unlocks.


Videos aren’t just meant to be captured or recorded, but they’re also required to be published. Here, the publishing sounds a little absurd when you haven’t edited it with the best filters and tools offered by the most brilliant video editing tools. Now, when you find those tools listed altogether somewhere, it’s hard to find the best editing software as most of them will concern you with a lack of a few options or tools. Nothing works as an all-in-one tool as KineMaster MOD APK.

KineMaster is one among the most adorable video editing software and people find it super convenient to use it in their daily editing scenario. Most of the YouTubers are advertising this application, and they are also telling all their students to use the exact one for their own designing. According to the creators, the number of layers offered in the KineMaster app are applicable to let you add the maximum number of effects, resources, and music tracks.

Getting more traffic on videos and a huge gain on the followers, likes, tags, and comments won’t be an issue anymore after you’ll start using this app as your default video editing resolution. Lastly you had a concern about the costly premium subscription plan, but that won’t be an issue anymore with the KineMaster MOD APK as it has an already attached premium inside. Let’s go through this complete article and understand deeply about the app.

What is KineMaster?

The technology progresses frequently and that’s why we always see the new advancements in the different deeds, like editing videos. Once we had a frame where there were the most complex tool list and using each of them required a video designing course walkthrough before getting our hands in them. But nowadays, things got a revolutionary change with some android applications like KineMaster that allows us to edit videos on fingertips.

We feel so proud to inform you that KineMaster is the #1 ranked top grossing software in the video players and editors genre. Even when both players and editors mark in a single genre, we have this app up above the ceiling while having the most powerful competitors like PowerDirector and VLC. Editing videos on fingertips will give you an amazing experience that you couldn’t have made through the computer.

Moreover, we’ll show you the information about all the premium features and also will provide you with them for free below to take your creativity to an eternal level. Let’s begin with knowing about the actual premium plan of KineMaster, including why it’s so important and how much it actually costs.

Subscription Plans

KineMaster Premium is a paid membership program where the app developer allows you to access a different app interface with some additional features. On the precise interface of KineMaster Premium, you will see the complete app features and enjoy everything without watching those video or banner advertisements. Moreover, you can export all your creations without those sticky watermarks with KineMaster banners on bottom.

Besides that, there is a huge premium asset store that you can access through the KineMaster premium, which includes more than a thousand assets. These assets comprise the graphics, music effects, transition effects, SFXs, GIFs, Stickers, Filters, Motion Blur etc. All these things with a more extensive 10 gigabytes of cloud storage can be yours just after paying for KineMaster Premium belonging to the below listed subscription plans –

KineMaster Yearly Premium3795.00 INR
KineMaster Monthly Premium575.00 INR

Not everyone wants to subscribe to the premium plans of video editing software, as it sometimes sounds absurd to pay monthly and annual charges for everything. YouTube, Editors, Spotify, Netflix, and whatsoever are asking for monthly payments. However, KineMaster can be free for you just through downloading a modified app version of KineMaster MOD APK.

What is KineMaster MOD APK?

Android app modifier developers basically alter or customize the official software to make some changes through the patches and scripts within the exact codes. In simple words, they alter the internal scripts of an application to unlock the locked premium access. KineMaster MOD APK is a modified version of the official app which again comes with similar app source codes, but a few patches made to make you relish the free premium.

We just want that smile on your face and that’s why we put everything for free within the app, while we also made tremendous checks and proofs on this free premium to assure you with the best. After you’ll download and install the modified version from our website, you’ll get an APK file, which would be the latest version with zero flaws. Once you are up with the installation, you can get ahead and make the use of sounding tools to create a better video edit.

Lastly, we need to tell you that we had used the ad-ban scripts too within this app to let you enjoy everything without those online ads, and there are a few more features that you can acknowledge through the below feature list. This app contains all the restrictions already removed, on and that’s why you don’t even need to disable any security firewall for installing and using this app. It can work fluently on both rooted and non-rooted smartphones.


There are numerous features of KineMaster that’ll make you love the application more than you adored the official one. The reason is already known, that the modified version includes a premium subscription, for which it’s not charging a single penny to you. If you are carving for the best graphics, effects, transitions, VFXs, Music Tracks, etc. to be added in infinite layers of an edit, you should choose this app with all these features:-

Chroma Key Effect


Chroma Key Effect is that green screen video editing option that allows you to add the newer backgrounds and make your videos talk to the traffic. All the VFX artists create the coolest edits with the same futuristic Chroma Key Effect, and now it’s coming to your fingertips with our modified app. Basically, it can be used for overlaying the background, filming the subject and filling that transparent greenish or bluish area with your favorite effects.

Premium Assets


Video Editor apps are not so fruitful when it gets to offer the resources, including graphics, filters, stickers, music effects, and transition effects. However, you will not have this statement after you’ll use the mod version we’re providing you today. There is a massive library of premium assets available in KineMaster MOD APK to be used, where there are motion blur effects, transitions, animations, graphics, and many more useful stuff.

Adorable Filters

filter 1

Who says filters are just for camera and photos, you should use them in Videos too for making them look the most obsessive ones. Instagram started with the reel filters first and still, they are advertising for tremendous filters when you see those reels, but who would go for those old filters? Time is to drill in the KineMaster filters as they are all unlocked in this free premium version. You can instantly attach these filters for beautiful video creation.

Multiple Layers


The allowance of multiple layers isn’t applicable in every video editing app, and even this functionality is rare to be found just in a few most renowned video editors. KineMaster MOD APK is one of them and here you can add as many layers to attach enormous filters, effects, music tracks, SFX, glitches, animations, transitions, and stickers. Also, the size of these layers is expansive to help you control their existence simplistically.

No Ads

targeted marketing

We all hate the moment when we’ve chosen all the videos for editing and accessing a premium library that suddenly throws an advertisement on the phone’s screen. Now this advertisement is a 30-second video with no skip button and if you’re going to skip it, it’s impossible to use those assets. What you can do here is download the modified version that includes the ad-ban scripts to let you enjoy the whole editing features and assets without being distracted by ads.

Remove Watermark

watermark 1

It’s not an unknown thing as most of us have seen the KineMaster app’s watermark on our friends, family, clients, or contacts videos they edited by the same app and posted on their social media. You are not supposed to post your edits, similarly as you worked hard and creatively to edit that video, which became your sole proprietary. For that reason, you need this mod video editor app, which allows you to remove watermarks for free.

Export UHD creations

hd 1

No matter what quality of video you’re putting inside the KineMaster MOD APK, the result would be up to UHD quality. There is a list of resolutions that you can choose in this app for exporting your video to the same. You can choose the smaller resolution for creating a low sized video and high-resolution video when you want the best quality and size doesn’t matter to you. Try all these features and export most of the 4K UHD edits with this app.

AI Resolution Enhancer


KineMaster developers are always trying to possess the best technologies ever to be added, and now we have this AI Resolution Enhancer that works using Artificial Intelligence. Fundamentally, this tool automatically captures the resolution that your video is currently having and then enhances it to the best version it can have. It’s just a one-button tool which takes a few seconds and naturally provides you the best resolution for your video.

Preview instantly


Making mistakes while being creative is good, but you can’t deal with more mistakes when you don’t have enough time to complete the consignments (or edits). In this case, you can try the Preview button of KineMaster after adding and modifying each layer so that it’ll show you the edited video until the moment in full screen. Take all your steps carefully and have a perfect preview for making the least number of mistakes possible.  

Color Adjuster

color circle

Apart from the already available filters on the asset container of KineMaster MOD APK, a Color adjusting tool is also available in this software. Using that tool, you can create your own filters as the adjustment include everything: Brightness, Contrast, Vignette, Hue, Saturation, Colors, Shadows, BW Ratio, Lure, etc. After having a perfect adjustment, you can also save those color ratios for the next usage in a new video edit.

Key Features

Video editing application isn’t just about the features, options, and the resources, but it’s more celebrated for its editing tools. You need the fast and powerful editing tools for becoming a world-class video editor and get more traffic on your creations. The modified app version will allow you to use all the Pro tools, where some of them are as listed below:-

Video Trimmer

Video trimming reckons to let you alter the video timing or momentum however you want. In simple words, if you want to cut a part from the video either in initial, end, or the middle part. It’s easier to trim the videos through KineMaster as there you just need to swipe the video timing on your fingertips and save it as it is. Moreover, you can get back the same video minutes by tapping on that video and resetting its format.

Frame Changer

There are multiple aspect ratios or frames available in the app interface to let you create a video for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Post, Story, WhatsApp Status, or any custom ratio. Whenever you choose the videos and photos that you want to add and edit altogether, you’d be asked next to choose an aspect ratio. Even if you mistakenly choose the wrong parameter, you can change it in the end in just a single click.

Custom Cropper

Frame changing is an absolute tool to make the different changes in the frames, but not the video aspects. If you want to cut some dimensions from your video, as supposedly if you would like to remove a watermark portion or unwanted stuff from your video, this cropper tool will help you. Just choose the size you would like to crop and fit the aspects as per your desire. Afterward, you can also change the frames to make the video properly fitting.

Convenient Controls

There are several video editing tools in the market and a few of them properly demonstrate most of the required tools, but do you think that’s all you need? Convenience matters the most while handling the creativity because once you’ll get complex, it’d become challenging to show off your creativity. Don’t worry, and be happy by using KineMaster MOD APK with the convenient editing controls. You can choose, edit, add, and manage layers in a few clicks here.

Audio Mixer

When you desire to introduce changes to the audio effects and track of the video as well as the outer audio, it works so simply within this modified app. Mixing audio will be so smooth that you can cut, remove, and manage the audio instantly with almost all the proper formats such as MP3, AMR, and WAV. Additionally, this mixer can also be used to reverb the audio, noise pitch changing and using among numerous effects available in the asset library.

Speed Modifier

Video speed management in the KineMaster app allows you to modify the speed in a single moment of video, whole video, or in parts. Suppose if you have added three different videos, it allows you to change speed for each of them particularly, and you can also use the wave frequency for modifying the speed on different moments of video. Pinch the wave up to enhance speed, and similarly down to slow it.

Video Reverser

This tool is unique, and you won’t find it out in most of the video editing software. Professional video editing freaks use the bigger procedures for reversing the video and changing the initial and end. But KineMaster users don’t have to follow such a big process. All they need is to put the video in a layer, click that actual layer, and hit a Reverse button. Thereafter, the video will get reversed, and then you can make changes as you want.

Voice Changer

These days, numerous Android smartphones are coming out with aesthetic features where they change the filtered screens, frame rates, as well as voice in a video. Now with the KineMaster MOD APK, you don’t even require a privileged smartphone with an add-on feature of changing voices. Record the videos however you want, and later use the Voice Changer option of this editing software to choose among numerous voice tones.

Download KineMaster Pro Mod Apk

KineMaster MOD APK 2
App NameKineMaster Mod
Size86 MB
MOD InfoPremium Subscription
Compatible with5.0 or higher
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Google Play linkPlay Store
Reviews Rating4.4
Update1 DAY AGO

Once you have made your mood of editing videos through this exceptional video editing platform, you can get started in a moment with a simplistic APK file. Yeah, you heard that right! The latest version of KineMaster MOD APK is right down below with a web link to download. This modified app will avail you to use the tremendous editing tools on the mainframe what you once had tried on your PC with the longer procedures.

Even there aren’t enough numbers to count the filters and resources that the app offers you for absolutely free. All these resources are inevitable and can be used to make your creation super authentic. There are some filters which can make your video look like it’s been made in Switzerland or between the Northern lights. Later, the tools patch up all these things so genuinely so that no one can finger point your edited video.

Additionally, KineMaster’s developer community has already spoken with all the traffic that they are hardly working on getting all the most attractive advancements. The future would be with AI-powered editing and real-time collaboration options where more than two designers can work on the same project at a time. More things are there like AR integration, visual effects, cross-platform editing, faster rendering and potent audio editing.

All these things would get to you at once in the future updates of KineMaster MOD APK, but as of now, let’s be quite generous for all the premium benefits in the latest version of the app. You can download it on your smartphone just by following the below procedure and clicking the above web link.

1. Click the download link listed above.

2. Wait until you see the next prompt asking to allow the access to files. Click the Allow button if asked.

3. After that, click the Download button for KineMaster MOD APK.

Downloading will take enough time as per your internet connection and will show you a success window very soon. The above three steps, and you’re now the king of aesthetic video editing tools, all placed right on your fingertips to be chosen, utilized and work damn creatively. All that remains is the app installation.

How to Install

KineMaster MOD APK is an online/offline application which shows its two faced working, where if you don’t need any kind of assets offered by the premium plan, you can go and edit it offline. Otherwise, all the premium assets can be downloaded once from the internet, and later you can also use them all offline. In such a case, we can say that the advantage side of the app is so generous. Now, you shouldn’t have to wait for having this app installed through the below steps –

1. Download the KineMaster MOD APK file from the above downloading procedure.

2. After you have successfully downloaded it, open the File Manager app on your device.

3. Get to the Downloads folder, as that’s the default folder for downloaded files.

4. Find the Kinemaster.apk file and click it.

5. If you’re asked to allow the third-party app installation feature, click that Settings button.

unknown sources

6. Enable Allow from this source toggle for File Manager and get back to the Files.

7. Click the APK file once again, and now you’ll see a new prompt with an Install button.

8. Click this Install button and the process will get started.

Infographics Of KineMaster MOD APK

It won’t take any long if your phone’s configurations are high-tech, and still a minimal large time would be taken for mid-tech or low-tech devices. But soon, you’ll find an Open button for launching the installed app on your device. With this way, you can start using all those editing features and become a professional video editing freak within instants of premium usage.

User Reviews

Before you got here, numerous users had downloaded and installed the KineMaster MOD APK from our website, and they have rated it on the same page as well as dropped a review. Among many helpful reviews, we have picked a few up and listed them down below to let you know the authenticity of the features and tools we talked above about by the words of an actual mod user:-


“My brother told me not to download any app from anywhere other than Google Play Store, but I threw a try on this KineMaster MOD APK as I’m a video editor. My YouTube vlogs and short editing became hasty with this platform, more by the premium tools and options I got in there. Once I started editing a video, it didn’t take me as much time as I once gave on my PC, tools like Premiere Pro and Filmora. It’s worth a try.”

Total Gaming


gamer 1

“It’s been a long time using the official KineMaster app and I have tried a lot to cover enough money for buying the premium plan. I was thinking about the annual membership but now got it for a lifetime with KineMaster MOD APK. Yesterday was my girlfriend’s birthday and I generated a video for her using this app, with more than 10 pictures and short videos of her. That was a little struggling as managing this number of media files is tactical, but the end was cute.”

Total Gaming


gamer 3

“I loved the interface as it’s the landscape one and my family still thinks I’m playing a battle royale game, then I reflected on my phone’s screen and the edit I created by ease on this app. Literally, won my heart and my friends are feeling so astounded by the smoothness of videos and the high exported quality. BTW, I’m an Instagrammer and love making reels, so that’s where this app helped me a lot. The only problem is my speed, but I’m trying to raise that soon.”

Total Gaming



Is KineMaster MOD APK a paid app?

KineMaster MOD APK is an open-source or free application, and you can download it from the above download link. You cannot find it on the Google Play Store as it’s a modified app version that breaks a few terms and conditions of the Store. But while downloading from here, you can get a premium subscription of KineMaster for absolutely free.

Do I need to root my phone to use the KineMaster MOD APK?

No, you don’t need to root your smartphone to use the KineMaster MOD APK or any modified application that we’re delivering you. Rooting a smartphone would never be our recommendation as it consists of many disadvantages. So please don’t root your smartphone and use KineMaster MOD APK without root access free of concerns.

How to install KineMaster MOD APK on iPhone?

KineMaster MOD APK is an android application and so it only works on Android based smartphones. In addition, you can use it on devices which consist of Android functionality such as by installing Android emulators on PCs. But iOS doesn’t support any of these, and so you cannot use this app on any iPhone or iPad.

Is KineMaster MOD APK ad-free?

Yeah, KineMaster MOD APK is an ad-free application that provides you all the premium facilities and resources without those one-by-one video advertisements. It was the old official app where you were expected to watch videos for unlocking premium assets for a time interval. That won’t be the deal anymore after using this free modified version.

How to get free premium assets in KineMaster?

Premium Assets is a list of resources that you can use inside the KineMaster for advanced editing, and you just need to pay a simple premium charge for that. But in case if you don’t want to pay and are still thinking of using the exceptional resources, you can use the KineMaster MOD APK, which is the modified app version filled with all the unlocked resources for free.

Final Verdict

KineMaster MOD APK comprises all the versatile video editing tools and became a staple in the genre of video editors. Almost all the most privileged video editing options are already covered by this app and most YouTubers, Instagrammers, and TikTokers are using them frequently to edit the best videos. Whether it’s a short video or a complete vlog of your last trip, choose KineMaster MOD APK and edit it like a professional editor guy. No compromise!

KineMaster Pro MOD APK
Kinemaster pro

KineMaster Pro App is an unlocked, watermark free best video editing app for Android. This application makes it easy to edit videos on Android devices. The top mobile video editing mobile app for Android, Kinemaster Premium, lets you edit videos in a professional manner.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android 5.0

Application Category: Video Players & Editors

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